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Central Lakes Internet Company

We are a group of individuals from country areas who believe our family, friends, and communities should have access to consistent, speedy internet and VOIP (phone services) at a good price along with access to 0800 technical and administration support. Small Towns and Rural New Zealand are our Number 1 Priority. CLIC are part of a group who delivers our service to over 500 clients in the Otago region. We welcome your residential or business enquiries.

We own all of our own infrastructure comprised of Telecommunications Towers, Power and Solar Generation Equipment, and Transmission Equipment, and continue to reinvest in our infrastructure. Your money stays in your region through CLIC contracting local businesses and trades people.

When we first looked at the concept of delivering internet to small towns and rural locations we never realised how much demand there was for higher speed internet in the region.

We are often rewarded by our clients surprise at how we can deliver a faster service through Radios connected via a very fast fibre feed than through their copper cable connected to a multinational Telco network.

Anyone with a clear line of sight to one of our broadcasting towers can access CLIC’s fast internet.

CLIC have specialised in just one plan for our residential clients who may be families wanting to game and stream movies, to clients wanting to run a small business from home, or run their cloud based business software. There is unlimited data and good speed from just $120 (inc GST) per month.  This service can be cancelled with one months notice.  We also offer this plan on a 24 month contract from $105 (inc GST) per month.

Phone line (VOIP) is available from $15 per month (inc GST) including 300 minutes local and national calling.  Other add-on minute bundles are available (see – “What will my phone calls cost?” in FAQ’s). This service can be cancelled with one month’s notice in writing.

Commercial clients pay different rates if there are 3+ users, or they publish WIFI throughout their premises. Call 0800 742 525 (0800 PICK CLIC) and dial 1 to speak to us about your requirements or get in touch.

CLIC are based in Otago and are only a phone call away. We have sales, technical and admin staff available to talk to – call 0800 742 525 (0800 PICK CLIC) and dial 1 to see if we are in your area or get in touch.

Coverage Area

If you live in this area there is a good chance you will get Clear Line Of Site to one of our many towers. To connect call 0800 742 525 (0800 PICK CLIC) or get in touch.

Our Plans

CLIC Residential
Connect Plan

High Speed Internet

from NZD 105 incl. gst/month

– High Speed Internet

– Unlimited data

– 24 month contract

–  from NZD 105 incl. gst/month

– Phone line from NZD$15 per month including
300 minutes local and national calls
(refer to – “What will my phone calls cost” in FAQ’s)

– Installation fee applies


CLIC Residential
Connect Plan

High Speed Internet

from NZD 120 incl. gst/month

– High Speed Internet

– Unlimited data

– No contract term

– Phone line from NZD$15 per month including
300 minutes local and national calls
(refer to – “What will my phone calls cost” in FAQ’s)

– Installation fee applies 

CLIC Business
Connect Plan

High Speed Internet

Price Varies

– High Speed Internet

– Unlimited data

– Pricing varies according to your requirements

– Phone line from NZD$15 per month including
300 minutes local and national calls.
(refer to – “What will my phone calls cost” in FAQ’s)

– Installation fee applies 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are CLIC?

CLIC is an established Internet Service Provider in the Central Otago Region, also operating in the Taieri catchment.  Our infrastructure was established over four years ago and has been delivering internet and VoIP services to both residential and business clients during this time.

Based in Dunedin and Clyde, we have the capability to build new towers to distribute internet services. We are involved in connecting new subdivisions to the internet and phone services (VOIP) via Fibre or Wireless.

We build WIFI solutions for businesses both indoors and outdoors, providing bespoke builds for clients who require high speed internet for their businesses. We will also arrange and manage connection to Fibre services.

CLIC are part of a Group who delivers our service to over 700 clients in the Otago Region. We welcome your residential or business enquiries.

What is different about CLIC?

We are based in Otago and are only a phone call away. We have sales, technical and administration staff available to talk to. Your call will not be held up in an answer phone queue.

You will get to meet and talk with us as we scope and complete the installation on your property.

Is the CLIC service delivered via Satellite?

No. Our transmission originates from a high-speed fibre based at a location in your region which feeds our transmission towers. The equipment we install on your premises directly links to the transmission towers.


No, all of the above services are delivered either by a copper cable or Fibre Optic.

CLIC traditionally delivers a higher speed Internet than ADSL and VDSL, but not always Fibre Optic.

CLIC’s service is delivered via radio with no disruptions to the terrain around you. To receive our service there needs to be a Clear Line of Sight(CLOS) between our tower and your building location.

Is your service better than 3G/4G?

Yes because the radio we install on your property roof has a direct link to our transmission tower.

Do you provide internet to both residential and business customers?


Can I install CLIC Internet on a temporary Building, Caravan, Campsite or Bus?

Yes as long as you have either 12 Volt battery power, a generator, or mains power and a Clear Line of Sight (CLOS) to our tower. The Radio at your site must stay stationary to receive the service.

What equipment is installed at my property for CLIC internet service?

For our simplest customer sites we install a mount on your roof to attach a Radio to. We then cable from the Radio into your property to a WIFI Distribution Box. All equipment remains the property of CLIC and will be removed at the termination of your service.

How long does it take to install the CLIC service?

When we begin the Installation it can take anywhere from 2 hours to two days depending on the complexity of your requirements. Eg. You may want the service distributed to several buildings on your property.

What costs will be associated with setting up CLIC Internet at my home?

The cost will range from $400 incl GST upwards depending on how far your property is located from one of our transmission towers and the complexity of your requirements.

Do you provide telephone services?

Yes we provide phone lines via the Internet – Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

Will I be able to keep my old landline number?


How will I be billed?

Monthly in Advance. You will receive your invoices via email. 

Can I keep my Xtra mail address?

By cancelling your account with Spark they will want to charge you a monthly fee to keep the email account open. You may wish to open a new email account with an independent provider.

What will my phone calls cost?

Your phone line including 300 minutes local and national calls will cost $17 per month.  This excludes calls to mobiles and international calls.  NZ mobile calls are charged at 22 cents per minute.  International call charges vary depending on which country you are calling.  Add-on bundles are available for National and Mobile calling.  For more information give us a call on 0800 742 525 (PICK CLIC) or get in touch.

Emergency calling over VoIP

Your residential landline uses the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) your phone service will become unavailable with a power failure, and you will be unable to  use your landline to dial 111 Emergency.

The NZ Government has introduced a Commission 111 Contact Code regulation, giving you, the consumer, new rights, if you qualify as being  Vulnerable.

A Vulnerable Consumer is someone at your residence who has:
• A known specific medical condition
• Safety issues (i.e. family violence)
• A disability and needs access to 111 Emergency 24 hours daily.

If a resident qualifies as a Vulnerable Consumer, either for a temporary event/period, or ongoing (subject to annual review), and has no other means of calling 111 during a power failure, you can apply to Yrless+ for an alternative means to call 111.

If you don’t have cell phone coverage as an alternative contact method we will provide you with equipment that will run your internet and VoIP phone for up to 8 hours during a power failure.

To register as/or on behalf of a vulnerable user please complete this form, and return it to Yrless to verify your status. Your particular risk is to be confirmed by one of the following -i.e.
• Nominated competent person, (i.e. health practitioner, police officer,
social worker, lawyer, family court judge).
• Evidence (Notice of “Potential Medically Dependent Consumer Status”
(MDC form), protection order, letter from health practitioner,
documentation of impairment.

Please note:
• Applicants authorise Yrless+ (the parent company of CLIC) to contact any
nominated person(s) on their behalf to discuss/confirm their application
and any renewal(s).

• Successful applications will be subject to a statutory annual review,
reporting & information retention requirements.

•  Any equipment/services Yrless+ provides under a ‘vulnerable person’

is solely for emergency services / 111 access via Yrless+ VoIP
connections, and not any other use (as this will diminish the
coverage period, and will be beyond Yrless+ control)
is supplied as-is suitable for a typical Yrless+ installation – any
consequential changes (eg extra wiring, relocations, modifications
etc) will remain the customers responsibility
will be provided to the entry point of the Yrless+ services onto a
property; Yrless+ does not control or will not be responsible for
covering additional network elements provided by the customer
(relay links, repeaters, cordless phones, medical alarms)
remain the property of Yrless+ and are to be promptly returned
when the declaration ceases effect replacement due to damage will
be at customers cost
is not to be modified or have their installation/cabling changed
without Yrless+ authorization since this will likely affect the
coverage period provided
will be provided on condition of Yrless+ access with reasonable
notice to review the installation effectiveness (as required to
confirm we are meeting our obligations under the 111 Vulnerable
User Code)
will  be treated with reasonable care according to Yrless+
instructions when in use (especially mains cabling and ventilation)
Since the telephone service is being provided as VoIP (requiring
Internet access), customers must maintain a current suitable data
plan with Yrless+ to provide this Internet access.
Both parties have rights and obligations under the 111 Contact
Code, subject to a dispute resolution process  – please refer to the
Guidance sections at the end of the Application Form for details.


Cup of tea?

Our installers are so nice they are often asked if they would like a cup of tea while they are installing ☺.

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